DJ SUSIE Q - Susie Dick


Hi,  I'm Susie and thanks so much for finding me (I'm generally at TJ Maxx).  However much as I love shopping, I love DJ'ing even more and as you can see from the pictures, video clips and thank you's, I've been a professional DJ for many years.  As for what sets DJ Susie Q apart from other DJ's?  It's quite simple... I let the bride and groom, family, friends and guests be the show, while I keep everyone on the dance floor playing the right songs, at the right time. In addition, DJ Susie Q offers the best of both worlds of musical entertainment, ie: "live" as well as DJ music, as DJ Susie Q includes my husband Bobby Dick, who is a remarkable singer, entertainer and master of ceremonies.

Getting back to letting "the bride and groom, family, friends and guests be the show"... Bobby and I feel that guests at a wedding should not be inhibited by or obligated to watch some "over the top" "Mr. Saturday Night" DJ, as if he was Michael Barkann yelling "Let's get ready to rumble!!!"  DJ Susie Q is also not one of those "we're all gonna do this and we're all gonna do that" Camp Kitcheewamma type DJ's.  Our clients know their music and know how to have fun and do not have to be treated as if they are 10 years old.


Bobby Dick


How's this for a resume... played Las Vegas, the Hollywood Bowl, Miami Beach, the Cafe Wha, The Copa, opened for The Who, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones, The Monkees and yes, even Jimi Hendrix.

Known for his voice and wide range of genre's, he has joined his wife Susie a/k/a DJ Susie Q to offer the best of both worlds of "live" and DJ party entertainment. However in keeping with Bobby and Susie's belief that at a wedding, it's not "showtime"... Bobby just sings his songs with some harmonies and a lead or two by Susie Q and the crowd keeps dancing and singing along without missing a beat.  

Of course, requests are welcome and at the same time offers another personal musical dimension to DJ Susie Q.  For more info go to: