"Music" - Having been professional DJ's for many years, we have purchased thousands of CD's and downloaded enough music from iTunes that our American Express points bought this computer. So when the question arises, "What kind of music do you have or play?" The answer is another question, "What kind of music would you like DJ Susie Q to play?"

No matter the function, be it a wedding, birthday, prom, graduation, club, annivessary, ski resort or whatever wherever . . . in addition to over 15,000 songs (and counting) we also pride ourselves in our ability to read a crowd and play accordingly. Obviously, there are new and not so new songs on most everyone's request list, but with Wi-Fi, we can and have downloaded a request before the song that's playing is even finished. We also have an open channel on our mixing board with your name on it, so if you wish to bring your own iPod or any music device and patch into over 2000 watts . . . then lock and load!

DJ Susie Q also offer "Consultant Services" or more simply, we invite couples, their families, entertainment directors, comittees, et al, to meet with us to discuss details, music choices, must haves and "do not plays" (even if Aunt Tootsie asks). Generally, we like to meet at our home in South Glens Falls, NY but with our computer, iPods and a bag of Cheese Doodles, we can meet almost anywhere . . . did you say Hawaii?

We hope this explains "Music" but if you need more information, go to "Book'em!" tab or give us a shout and step up to the microphone.  Thanks so much,  Susie & Bobby Dick (518) 793-1099